How to Handle and Remedy Customer Dissatisfaction

Would it be satisfying if anyone who bought your towing service was thrilled with the experience they got and only had good things to say about your business? It would be so cool if every customer survey you send showed a 100 percent satisfaction rate. It can be exciting if every review left about your business was positive. All these would be fantastic, but the truth is no company really gets all of this experience. Any product or service is meant to go through some sort of criticism and it is important to know how to handle the same should that situation face your business. Any customer who is not happy with your business will express their dissatisfaction. It comes as a result of some sort of poor product quality, business conduct, pricing or something else.

Here are some of the most common causes of customer dissatisfaction

Issues with quality

Customers will always raise their concerns and complaints when it comes to the make and durability of your product. The value of any product you offer to your customers should never overstep the value you deliver. If you bill your products or services to be a premium package, then so be it. It must reflect that kind of your posturing. Customers will always voice their concerns when it comes to issues with pricing. Customers might complain about a product or service being overprices. Customers will feel overwhelmed and turned off by how expensive a product is especially if they are not getting value from the dollars spend.

Failure to Meet Customer Expectations

When you offer product descriptions, show product photos and provide product specifications, you will be setting expectations with what customers can get from your offerings. When setting those expectations, you will promise to deliver on them. If you don’t make good of your claims, you will be violating customer trust and actively mislead them. Customers will not take that kind of treatment lightly. Expectations can extend beyond the ones you set through specifications. In business, it is always a good thing you under promise and then overdeliver.

Here are a couple ways you can minimize customer dissatisfaction

Be Consistent

You need to get ahead of customer dissatisfactions by consistently asking for and acting on feedback. Stay privy to what customers think you are doing well and where you have room to improve. Conduct surveys and follow up with customers after they make a purchase to see where your product or service is lacking and get to know where you can improve. If you have the resources, conduct focus groups can help you get some important feedback. Once you have gathered enough insights from your customers, be sure to do something with it. Leverage feedback to preemptively address points of customer frustrations as this presents the best way to address customer dissatisfactions.

You need to quickly and thoroughly respond to service inquiries. Your customer support department is your first line of defense to customer dissatisfaction. This department needs to be well staffed and well trained, with the right resources and equipment so that they can comprehensively handle high volume of service inquiries.

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